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The working principle and use method of the packaging machine

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With the rapid development of life, powder packaging machines usher in new market development.

The working principle and use method of the packaging machine

With the rapid development of life, powder packaging machines usher in new market development. In the current market development, powder packaging machines are widely used in the packaging of seasonings, coffee, soy milk powder, etc. So do you know how it works? When you understand the working principle of the powder packaging machine, it is the first heavenly sword of its production. The packaging and sealing process is completely in accordance with its principle, just as every machine is inseparable from its working principle. There is also content that needs to be understood about the precautions for the use of the packaging machine, which is related to future use problems, so if you do not know the working principle and use needs of the powder packaging machine, please check this article to understand!

The working principle of powder packaging machine:

Before using the powder packaging machine, the packaging material must be installed on the machine. When the machine is turned on, the packaging material is pulled down by the stepping motor of the bag, and then the conveying part supplies paper according to the new number of the sensor. The bottom of the packaging bag is sealed by the heating part. The last is blanking. When the packaging materials enter the powder packaging machine, they are sealed and cut, so that a complete packaging bag comes out. This is the working principle of our common small powder automatic packaging machine.

The powder packaging machine needs to know:

  1. Check the power supply and electrical control switches every day to see if other parts are safe and reliable, and check the working conditions of each part, whether there are abnormal phenomena or unusual sounds, etc.;
  2. Pay attention to the high-temperature protection of the powder packaging machine. When operating, you should wear gloves to work, and avoid contact with the position of the heat seal to avoid burns;
  3. The powder packaging machine should pay attention to the protection of the machine head during use. When the machine is running, the surface temperature of the machine head is relatively high. When running, pay attention to avoid contacting the surface of the machine head to avoid burns;
  4. The power supply of the powder packaging machine should be AC ​​220V/50HZ. For cities or regions where the power supply is unstable, a voltage stabilizer should be installed to ensure that the machine is working properly;
  5. When purchasing a powder packaging machine, you should clearly ask for the packaged products and the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer, so that you can clarify that the powder packaging machine can quickly produce in future work.

As a professional coffee packaging machine manufacturer, it has a professional manufacturing company integrating R&D, production, and sales, and is currently widely used in the food industry.

Now the development of packaging machinery is important to the market for safety, and the safety of machinery is the eternal melody of social development. How the technicians correctly operate and use packaging machinery depends on the efficiency and safe production of enterprises. In the current mechanical operation process, because details determine success or failure, one step may be the beginning of a tragedy if one step is not accurate, so how to correctly and safely operate the packaging machine is the top priority of the company’s development. The demand for packaging machine equipment in the market continues to increase, to a large extent, the industry’s technological upgrades are intensified. Brand-new packaging with intelligent and automated functions will become the mainstream of future development instead of tradition. In the process of operation, The development of technology requires the improvement of the steps of the technicians. So how should the packaging machine be better used now?

  1. The weighing device of the packaging machine must be cleaned every other week;
  2. Every operator should ensure the sanitation of the machine and the surrounding ground at any time, clean up the impurities on the ground and the machine in time, do not place roll film or other sundries around the machine and standardize the placement of unqualified items to keep the site tidy;
  3. The bottom of the packaging machine should maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions to prevent electrical components from overheating;
  4. When the packaging machine is working, it should ensure the ventilation of its space, reduce alkaline and acid gases, and keep the working environment safe.

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