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Empty K cups: High barrier, fill 8-13 grams coffee

  • RN1S Coffee Capsule Filling/Sealing Machine: Ideal for small to medium enterprises, this machine is capable of producing 50-70 K cups per minute and is known for its ease of operation and maintenance.
  • H Series Multi-Lane K Cups Filling and Sealing Machine: Offers a linear design with optional features and varying row configurations from 1 to 10, with a single row speed of 40-60 K cups per minute.
  • AF-H K Cup Filling Sealing Machine: A versatile solution for K cups packing, catering to various packaging needs with its efficient sealing capabilities and compatibility with different types of coffee capsules.
Machine ModelProduction RateKey FeaturesOptional FeaturesTarget Market
RN1S50-70 K cups/minEasy operation, minimal maintenance– Single lane production- Ideal for initial enterprisesSmall to medium enterprises
H Series40-60 K cups/min (per row)Multi-lane design, high speed– Customizable row configurations (1-10)- Linear designMedium to large enterprises
AF-HVaries by configurationVersatile, efficient sealing, compatible with various capsules– Adjustable for different K cup sizes- High precision and consistencyWide range, from small businesses to large-scale producers

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  • Door-to-door shipping for Empty K cups is available now! 4-6 weeks to arrive your door
  • Small MOQ: 1 box 2400 pcs K cups

Empty k cups for Keurig machines: High barrier PP+EVOH structure, fabric filter

Specifications of empty K cups

1) Disposable/Recyclable empty k cups coffee capsule, made of PP + EVOH material,100% free BPA,food-grade A, Eco-friendly;
2) Top Diameter: 51mm,btm diameter: 37.2mm,height:44mm,max capacity at 13 g;
3) Better quality than the k cups made of PP or PS material, adding one EVOH layer can let cup with more longer storage and ground coffee with more longer fresh;
4) FDA certification, safe and secure;
5) Perfectly meet for k cup coffee machine.

empty K cups for keurig capsules
empty K cups for keurig capsules

Our advantages of empty K cups

1) Real factory with full experience in this field;
2) Offering high designs, high quality, high service, and factory prices;
3) Safe and fast delivery;
4) Providing discount for large orders;
5) OEM & ODM are available.

What Are K cups

The first batch of brewers and K cups pods to the office market in 1998.

The coffee machine with the K-Cup single-cup brewing system developed by Keurig has gradually occupied the mainstream market in Europe and North America.

With professional K-Cup coffee (there are more than 200 kinds of coffee to choose from), you can make it every time.

Make a perfect cup of delicious coffee.

No need to think about how much water and coffee powder should be added, there is no more confusion!

The coffee beans are specially processed into coffee powder and sealed in each K-Cup individually.

At the same time, the K-cup is filled with non-toxic inert gas to extend the shelf life and re-sterilize.

Each cup is fresh every time it is opened (It is equivalent to freshly roasted, freshly ground a bag of powder, and now make a cup of coffee).

All you need to do is just put the k-cup into your K-cup coffee machine, press the button, and a cup of fresh and delicious coffee will come out.

How Much Coffee is in a K Cup?

The fact is that the amount of coffee in Keurig K cups varies.

Depending on the brand and mixture, a single K cup coffee pod can hold 8-13 grams of coffee.

Coffee experts, especially the American Professional Coffee Association, recommend an average coffee/water ratio of 10 grams of coffee mixing to 6 ounces of water.

What’s the empty K cups shell and filter?

The shell of EMPTY K CUPS is made of PP + EVOH

Food Grade PP-

Polypropylene is referred to as PP, which is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance.
With chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties, and good high wear-resistant processing properties, this has made polypropylene rapidly used in machinery, automobiles, electronics, construction, textiles, packaging since its inception Agriculture, forestry, fishery, and the food industry have been widely developed and applied.
In recent years, the rapid development of my country’s packaging, electronics, and automobile industries, has greatly promoted the development of my country’s industry.
And because of its plasticity, polypropylene materials are gradually replacing wooden products, and high strength, toughness, and high wear resistance have gradually replaced the mechanical functions of metals.
In addition, polypropylene has good grafting and compounding functions and has huge application space in concrete, textile, packaging, agriculture, forestry, and fishery.

EVOH – Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer

Combining the processability of ethylene polymer with the barrier effect of vinyl alcohol polymer, ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer not only exhibits excellent processing performance but also exhibits excellent barrier to gas, odor, fragrance, solvent, etc. effect.

Due to its thermal stability combined with ethylene, multilayer containers containing EVOH barrier layers are completely reusable.

The filter of Empty k cups are made of fabric

Non-woven fabric (English name: Non-Woven Fabric or Nonwoven cloth), also known as non-woven fabric, needle-punched cotton, etc., is composed of directional or random fibers. It is called cloth because of its appearance and certain properties.
Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, and recyclable.

For example, polypropylene (PP material) pellets are mostly used as raw materials, which are produced by the continuous one-step method of high-temperature melting, spinning, laying, and hot-pressing.

Recommend Filling Sealing Machines

  1. RN1S Coffee Capsule filling/sealing machines, Ideal production tool, the favorite of initial enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, it can produce 50-70 k cups per minute, without complicated operation and maintenance, and can be used after receipt

2.H series multi lanes K cups filling and sealing machine: Linear design, more optional features, 1-10 rows for your choice, single row speed: 40-60 k cups per minute. Contact us for more information


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