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AL86 Aluminum nespresso capsules: The Best Compatible capsules made in China

  • AFPAK Aluminum Nespresso Capsules: These capsules are designed for use with Nespresso original machines, ensuring optimal compatibility and freshness with a high-barrier aluminum construction that preserves coffee taste and aroma.
  • Comprehensive Coffee Capsule Solutions: AFPAK offers a one-stop solution for coffee capsule production, including biodegradable and PP capsules, high-quality filling and sealing machines, and all necessary packaging equipment.
  • Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly: The capsules provide a cost-effective alternative to branded options, support local coffee roasters, and contribute to environmental sustainability with biodegradable materials.
CompatibilityCompatible with all Nespresso machines, including Krups, Magimix, Miele, and more.
MaterialMade from high-barrier food-grade aluminum with a silicon ring to prevent water leakage.
FreshnessPreserves coffee freshness for up to 12 months or longer, with no holes to maintain quality.
Environmental ImpactBiodegradable options available, and aluminum material is recyclable to reduce waste.
Cost EfficiencyAllows consumers to choose their preferred coffee, potentially saving money and supporting local roasters.

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Best Compatibility Aluminum Nespresso Capsules:

Commonly used in most Nespresso original machines, can hold 5-6g coffee powder,

High-barrier food-grade aluminum material to better isolate the air from contact with your coffee

Easy to puncture, better protection of your brewing machine

High airtightness, protect your coffee for longer

With multiple certificates, you can use it with peace of mind

One-stop Nespresso coffee capsule filling packing solutions, only in AFPAK.

What can we offer: 1. Biodegradable coffee capsule / Normal PP MATERIAL coffee capsule
2. High-quality coffee capsule filling sealing machine
3. coffee capsule Sealing lids
4. Air compressor to run the machine
5. Nitrogen Generator
6. Laser or inkjet printer
7. Bag packing machine to pack 1/10/20 capsules in one bag
and other necessary machines and materials need for coffee capsule packing

Machine details

Best Compatibility aluminum Nespresso Capsule

AFPAK aluminum nespresso capsule is compatible with all Nespresso® machines, including Krups, Magimix, Miele, Delonghi, Essenza, Citiz, Cub, Siemens , Pixie …Nespresso® machine.

aluminum Nespresso capsules 2
aluminum Nespresso capsules 2

Specification of AFPAK aluminum nespresso capsule

NameAL86 Aluminum Nespresso Capsules
Materialimport 8011 aluminum materials
Brand nameAFPAK
Appearancesolid color, customized color
Payment termT/T
Delivery time7-10days, mainly according to customer’s order quantities
Samplesfree sample, freight collect
Packing details4000 aluminum nespresso capsules in one paper carton. and as to the requirement of clients
aluminum Nespresso capsules 4

Latest generation Nespresso capsules!

Made by Import Aluminum material The new generation Nespresso capsules with silicon ring No water leakage, no harm to the brewing machines.

Protect your brewing machines

Unlike the plastic hard bottom, Aluminum Nespresso capsules are very easy to be punched

Keep your coffee fresh with utmost

Strong barrier. Same functions like original Nespresso capsules After 1 year, the coffee smell as fresh as the new roasted!

Standard size

Same like original Nespresso capsules These capsules can fill 5-6 grams coffee inside or 15 ml liquid inside

size of aluminum nespresso capsules
size of aluminum nespresso capsules
application of aluminum nespresso capsules
application of aluminum nespresso capsules

Why Choose AFPAK aluminum Nespresso Capsule?

100% Compatibility with Nespresso machines.

AFPAK aluminum Nespresso capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines, including Krups, Magimix, Miele, Delonghi, Essenza, Citiz, Cub, Siemens, Pixie, and also the latest Nespresso U Nespresso machine.

Easy To Use.

Just 2 simple steps and you can “make” your own coffee capsule with our Auto-Adhesive aluminum lids.

An infinite choice of coffee.

You are no longer limited to a few choices. You can now buy your favorite blend, single-origin coffee from your favorite roasters and enjoy it with the AFPAK biodegradable coffee capsule.

Great savings.

With AFPAK biodegradable coffee capsules you pay for what you get.
By having the freedom to choose the coffee for your capsule, you can decide on the final price of your coffee capsule.
Not only are you supporting your local coffee roaster, but you will also be able to save a lot of money.

Fresh coffee always in AFPAK’S Aluminum Nespresso Capsules.

With AFPAK Biodegradable coffee capsule, you can now enjoy fresh coffee every time.

With AFPAK COFFEE capsules, you can buy freshly ground coffee from your coffee roaster. It will be even better if you have your own grinder and grind the beans before brewing it in your Nespresso machine. It need not be a sophisticated grinder, a simple hand grinder such as the Porlex mini hand grinder is more than competent for espresso grind.

Keeps Coffee Fresh.

There are no holes at the bottom of the AFPAK aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules, keeping your coffee fresh.

AFPAK coffee capsules keep coffee fresh for 12 months or longer.

Transform your Nespresso machine into an espresso machine.

No need for the huge, expensive espresso machine. With AFPAK biodegradable coffee capsules, you can now enjoy your favorite coffee brought from your local cafe in the comfort of your home.

Food Safe.

AFPAK coffee capsules are made of PLA, food-safe plastic, BPA Free, and the aluminum lids are suitable for contact with food.

Nespresso capsules
colors of nespresso capsules
colors of nespresso capsules


  • What’s the MOQ for your capsules?

Our MOQ for the capsules is 50000 pcs for each color. If you need to customize the color, then MOQ is 300,000 pcs for each color. We can send you samples for free for your testing with your coffee

  • How do you pack the aluminum Nespresso capsules?

Our standard package is 5000 pcs for each box

  • Why choose AFPAK’s empty Nespresso capsules?

AFPAK is the professional manufacturer of coffee capsules filling sealing packaging machines based in Wenzhou.
Since 2011, we have serviced over 400 coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machines to more than 50 countries.
Our quality wins lots of reputation from our customers.
The longest cooperation has existed for over 10 years!
AFPAK owned a rich experienced design and production team, our senior engineers all have at least 15 years of experience in machine manufacturing.

We aim to produce the top quality machines in China.

Sincerely hope you will be our next success case!

  • Other questions?

If you have any other questions, welcome to contact us freely:

Whatsapp: +86-15618866167Skype: allenanf


Our factory close to Wenzhou Airport (Zhejiang Province, China).

We will arrange pickup if you schedule a factory visit

  • Why Use Aluminum Materials to make the Nespresso capsules

Food-grade aluminum is 3004/8011 aluminum alloys, which have good formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance and are mainly used as metal packaging materials in the form of thin plates and foils to make cans, lids, bottles, barrels, and packaging foils.

It is widely used in the packaging of beverages, food, cosmetics, medicines, cigarettes, and industrial products.

Because the inner side of the capsule adopts high-barrier polypropylene composite technology, the PP film on the inner side of the can effectively isolate the food from the metal sheet and has a high degree of hygiene. It can effectively extend the preservation time of the food. It has the advantages of no color or taste of each stored food.

The aluminum Nespresso Capsules also have the characteristics of recyclable outer aluminum material, reducing the environmental pollution

  • Is aluminum foil safe for food packaging?

In addition to aluminum is widely used in industrial and cooking pots and utensils, aluminum cans, aluminum foil bags, etc. are also commonly used in packaged food.

Although cooking and aluminum packaging will more or less increase the aluminum content, experiments have shown that aluminum passes through the stomach The rate of absorption by the tract is generally less than 1%, and there is currently no report showing that oral intake of aluminum can cause acute poisoning.

You can rest assured.

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