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How Many Types Of Coffee Capsule Packing Machines Are There?

Want to know how many types of coffee capsule packing machines? First, let’s figure out…

Want to know how many types of coffee capsule packing machines? First, let’s figure out how many types of coffee capsules there are.

It’ll be perfect if you are able to use any coffee capsule in your home coffee maker which means you can taste hundreds of flavors, strengths, and styles of coffee with just one machine.

Unfortunately, as you know, things not work out in that way, and once you buy a machine, you are limited to one type of capsule.

There are so many different kinds of coffee capsules that we have to be careful to distinguish between them, and notice the differences between pods and capsules.

Coffee Pod Or Coffee Capsule

Although there are places where these two items can refer to the same thing even they are often used interchangeably, but actually they are different things.

Coffee pod or pad is a pre-packed dose of ground coffee in a paper filter, and just looked like a round cake shaped tea bag.

It’s divided into two types: soft pod and hard pod.

The soft pod is almost the Senseo pod, which is a bag of untamped ground coffee used to prepare a 80 to 110ml coffee at approximately 2 bar or simply a steep coffee.

The hard pod is also called Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E) pod, which is well tamped fine ground coffee used to make espresso in pump machines.

However, coffee capsule refer to Nespresso capsules, K-cups, Dolce Gusto capsules, which are ground coffee in plastic, aluminum or bio-degradable material containers with a sealed lid each.

Each type of coffee capsule varies in shape, size and even more.

  • Cups are designed for a different extraction method than espresso-style coffee capsules.

Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

Let’s define the coffee capsule packing machine as the machine that produce coffee capsules from empty capsule and ground coffee.

There is no doubt that each type of capsule need different packing machine for production.

They either require unique processes or unique methods for specific steps.

But the working principle is the same as mentioned below:

  1. Load empty capsules
  2. Fill ground coffee to each capsule
  3. Clean the edge of each capsule
  4. Load lids
  5. Heat sealing
  6. Output
  7. Nitrogen flush before sealing(optional)

Classification Ⅰ

The coffee capsule packing machine can be classified into two types according to automation level.

  1. Semi-automatic type
  2. Automatic type

Those steps described above are for automatic machine.

Semi-automatic Coffee Capsule Packing machine

If only part of the functions of a fully automatic coffee capsule packing machine are kept, you can get a semi-automatic machine.

It is not difficult to imagine that the machine varies when the kept functions were different in process or number.

They are ideal equipment for starting a small coffee capsule business.

(4 holes semi-auto coffee capsule packing machine – automatic sealing)

(Single lane semi-auto coffee capsule packing machine – automatic filling and sealing)

Automatic Coffee Capsule Packing machine

They are the machines that take care of step.1 “Load empty capsule” to step.6 “Output” full automatically, to minimize human operation during capsule production.

They can simply work as a complete system or connect to additional equipment, such as vibrating capsule sorter, weighting and ejection system, screw feeding machine.

They may have different solutions for each process, such as “Load empty capsules” station, varies from vertical type to horizontal type.

“Fill ground to coffee to each capsule” station, varies from auger filling type to metering filling type.

“Load lids” station, varies from pre-cut lids type to roll film type.

“Output” station, varies from grabbing type to suction type, free fall type, push out type.

They are suit for large scale production of coffee capsules due to their capacities are always over 30 capsules/min.

However, basically one machine can only produce one type of capsule.

(Full automatic coffee capsule packing machine)

Classification Ⅱ

Let’s focus on the second classification method.

The coffee capsule packing machine can be classified into another two types according to the overall layout of all workstations within the machine.

  1. Linear type
  2. Rotary type

Linear Type Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

Linear packing machines have been part of production lines for decades.

These machines keep all workstations in a straight line, complete the filling and sealing process when empty capsules move from one side of the line to another.

They’ll fill capsules in sequence, stop to fill each capsules before moving to the next.

When the capsules complete the filling process, they move to lids placing station, then sealing station, and finally output station.

After one capsule’s output, the mold is empty, it will move to the start of the line to get ready for the next capsule loading.

They always have a rectangular appearance which is different from rotary type coffee capsule packing machine.

They usually operate with one, two, four, or eight heads, even up to twenty to get a higher capacity from 50 to 1000 capsules/min.

(Internal view of a linear type machine – single head)

Rotary Type Coffee Capsule Packing machine

Rotary packing machine keep all the workstations in a circle, complete the filling and sealing process when empty capsules move one round.

They’ll also fill capsules in sequence, stop to fill each capsules before moving to the next.

They’re the same as the linear type machines that the capsules complete the filling, lids placing, sealing and output process in sequence, while the capsule loading station is right next to the output station.

After one capsule’s output, the mold is empty, it will move to the capsule loading station when it passed the “no capsule detection” sensor.

They always have a cylindrical appearance.

They usually operate with one, two or four heads, while more heads is rare.

(Internal view of a Rotary type machine – single head)

The Differences Between Linear Type and Rotary Type

They are different in structure, material, capacity and price.

The different requirements for structure, body material, lead to different capacity and the price is also not at the same level.

Linear type coffee capsule packing machine is slower but cheaper than rotary type, which make it more affordable for a startup company.

However, the rotary machine has improved in terms of structure and performance.

It’s more compact and faster, but on the other hand, more complex and higher demands on maintenance.

When it comes to making changeover to produce different capsules, the rotary machine will be easier, due to easier detachable, less number of mould.


Linear type and rotary type packing machines have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It’s better to choose the right machine which fit your business goal.

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